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Mushroom Madness

Mushroom Madness

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Take your dog on a trip down the rabbit hole and experience a groovier kind of March Madness with our newest "Mushroom Madness" themed bandana. Take yourself back to the 60s with this psychedelic design that with this unique design!

Over-the-collar pet bandanas are available in four sizes:


      • Size: 6.5x4.5 in.
      • Collar Opening: 1 in.


      • Size: 9x6 in.
      • Collar Opening: 1 in.


      • Size: 13x8 in.
      • Collar Opening: 1 in.


      • Size: 14x9 in.
      • Collar Opening: 2 in.

      Material: 100% Cotton
      Care: Machine washable, air dry (Cold wash only for customized bandanas)

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