Welcome to Brie and Brandy's Pet Paradise!

Welcome to Brie and Brandy's Pet Paradise. We are a small pet supplies manufacturer and retailer based in Maryland, USA. Established in 2023, we specialize in handmade to order products including bandanas and toys. Our brand is named after our two beloved dogs who joyfully wear our bandanas and play with their favorite rope toys.


Meet Brandy, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, German Shepherd mix who found her forever home in 2014 after being adopted from a quaint Delaware farm. Brandy craves attention and loves getting belly rubs. She thinks she's a big tough guard dog, barking up a storm. Deep down, she's just a big softie who loves snuggling under the covers with her head on a fluffy pillow.


Meet Brie, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever who was adopted in 2022 from a small town in Pennsylvania. She enjoys watching TV, especially if there's a dog on the screen. She also loves stealing socks, and teasing her older sister. Brie is a bundle of energy who loves to run and play, but when she's ready to unwind, her favorite thing to do is curl up on your feet.