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Blue/Green/Black Tricolor Rope Toy

Blue/Green/Black Tricolor Rope Toy

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Blue, Green and Black! A stylish take on your classic rope toy, our blue/green/black tricolor rope toy is a must-have for playful pups. Perfect for fetching, tugging, and chewing (and looking adorable, of course), this toy is built for endless fun and excitement. Let your furry friend enjoy a little bit of everything with this colorful and durable rope toy.

Rope toys are a a great way to engage and interact with your pup. Snag one in 5 sizes today!


    • Length: 7 in.
    • Recommended for dogs up to 20 lbs.


    • Length: 9 in.
    • Recommended for dogs 15 to 35 lbs.


    • Length: 11 in.
    • Recommended for dogs 30 to 50 lbs.


    • Length: 14-15 in.
    • Recommended for dogs 40 to 60+ lbs. 


    • Length: 10 in.
    • Number of arms: 3
    • Recommended for dogs 15 to 45 lbs.


    Material: 100% polyester fleece
    Care: Machine washable, air dry
    Note: While our rope toys are made to be durable, supervision is recommended for aggressive chewers and dogs over 60 pounds.

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